Friday, May 31, 2013

Zimbabwe Fashion Week Model Casting Call

The fourth annual Zimbabwe Fashion Week will be having an open casting for beautiful, tall and confident males and females between the ages of 15-35. No previous experience is required.

SAT, 1 June 2013

360 Restaurant , Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale

09:30 – 1:00pm (Please be there early to avoid disappointment)


Female: 1,74m – 1,8m tall, between size 28 & 34 hip
Male: 1.84m – 1.94m tall

Interested parties should turn up in:

Ladies: White tank top, leggings & medium heels
Gentlemen: Fitted t-shirt and jeans

If selected please note you will need to be also available on Sun 2 June for call back taking place at ZFW headquarters then rehearsal dates are as follows.

Rehearsals: 27th & 28th August
Show dates: 29 August – 31 August

See you there!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just another day in Harare.


We're in weather limbo in Harare right now, the weather is being a tad bit bipolar. One minute its cold in the morning, next thing you know its boiling hot in the afternoon. On this day i decided to test out and wear one of my creations, a †Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† peplum top as the main focal point of my relaxed laid-back outfit.

I usually don't wear black leggings (cause i think its the lazy persons attire) but i thought they worked well considering it was freezing cold when i left the house.

In the end the sun decided to show up. It ended up being a sunny day whereupon I had lunch, dessert and also added my bowler hat to the look. This is essentially what a great day can be like in Harare.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Its Vintage!

Definition of Vintage: Vintage clothing is a term for clothing from another era. Usually clothing older than 25 years is considered to be vintage

Only thing new on this look, is the hat and the shoes. Everything else is older than i am all found in my mothers wardrobe (bar the John Lennon silver rimmed sunglasses that was a boot sale find). God bless my mother for not throwing or giving away anything from her youth.

Vintage Clothing brings uniqueness & individuality to a world otherwise ruled by fashion clones, i love mixing clothes that are deemed slightly wrong together to make an ensemble far away from modern day perfection. We all can't carry it off, but when worn with confidence the vintage look can be fierce.

Click through to my Lookbook for more details of where i got the clothes.

Monday, October 29, 2012

†Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† clothing

Official †Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† Website with pricing, shopping cart and shipping details coming soon!

For now like the Facebook page for details on how to purchase an item.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Milestone: One Year in Zimbabwe

Its been a year today (July 7) since I packed up and left the place I called home for
12 years of my life. I miss the home I left filled with many ghosts
and memories alike. I miss the childhood & middlehood friends I made and 
last but not least the other half of my family I left behind.

I'm becoming me, Tanya. I thought I had to escape, find home in
different countries & be someone else, but all I had to do was find
the real me through doing what I love with no constraints or
restrictions. It sounds metaphysical, but it means something to me.

This isn't to say I've found home right where I am, I'm still some
what of a Nomad  still searching and floating through the uncertainty
of time. That's the beauty of finding yourself in what you do, you can
do it anywhere and still feel at peace.

I've achieved & I've learnt a lot in such a short space of time. Its
amazing what you can learn about yourself in a year. I'm proud of myself
& I hope to keep on learning and progressing.

There's a paradox that comes with achievement. When you start
achieving you think the only reason you wanted it was so you
could "relax" and live a good life but then you find yourself 
working harder than ever trying your best not to fall off.

Such is life. Onwards and Upwards!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

†Φ▲Tanya Nefertari ▲Φ† Large Bowtie

          †Φ▲Tanya Nefertari ▲Φ† 

                    Large Bowtie 

I'm wearing an over sized mens denim shirt ex boyfriends shirt, i bought in a 2nd hand shop in Manchester a few years ago

I'm rocking it as a shirt-dress to neutralise the androgynous look of the outfit. You can never go wrong when pairing a denim shirt with a bowtie it always has a retro Mod (subculture) feel to it. The look is playful and effortless, while the Tanya Nefertari Afro print bowtie on denim will be the centre of attention.

To shift the daytime look to the evening wear attire, you can wear the denim dress shirt with a belt to cinch in the waist and high heels for the extra flair, you can also put a dash of red lipstick on or any outstanding shade that goes with your skintone.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Winter in Cape Town.

Winter in Cape Town, South Africa kept on changing, one minute it was cold, next minute it was sunny. The only solution was to mix it up, i had to look warm and also ready to take my coat off when the sun suddenly started blazing again. 

On this day i wore my winter coat with three quarter length Oasis tartan print pants paired with traditional suede hand made shoes from Malta.